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Conference of the Universities of Serbia (CONUS) was founded in 2005. It gathers 17 accredited universities from Serbia that host around 250.000 students and more than 20.000 professors and researchers. The aim of the CONUS is to coordinate the activities of all accredited universities, both public and private, by creating common policies and enabling realization of shared interests.


  • University of Belgrade

  • University of Novi Sad

  • University of Nis

  • University of Kragujevac

  • University of Prishtina

  • State University of Novi Pazar

  • University of Defense

  • University of Arts in Belgrade

  • University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies

  • Megatrend University

  • Singidunum University

  • Alfa BK University

  • Univerzitet Educons

  • Metropolitan University

  • University Business Academy in Novi Sad

  • Union University

  • University "Union - Nikola Tesla"