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CONUS shall perform its roles through the Assembly and Rectors’ Council.

The CONUS Assembly consist of rectors and member universities’ representatives – the number of which is determined in proportion to the number of students, professors and associates at each member university.

The Rectors’ Council of the CONUS consists of the member universities’ rectors.

When the Rectors’ Council passes decisions, each rector is entailed to as many votes as the member university he or she represent has in the Assembly.

CONUS shall elect its president among the rectors of the member universities. The President of the CONUS is Professor Vladan Djokic, Rector of the University of Belgrade.

CONUS shall elect two vice-presidents among rectors, on the president’s proposal. Vice-presidents are Professor Nenad Filipovic, Rector of the University of Kragujevac and rector of the Union University – Professor Gordana Vukelic.

First and second CONUS president, Professor Dejan Popovic and Professor Branko Kovacevic are honorable presidents of CONUS.